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Tuesday, October 30, 2007 

we rulez teh internets (apparently)...

Traffic on the olde is through the roof... as it is every late October. Apparently, our ancient posts here and here on quagmire, mugatu, and Sandy Cohen's eyebrow costumes are of interest. It's a shame we don't actually explain how to make these costumes. I'm telling you, though the hot look for Halloween 2007 is the cabbagehead costume. It's obscure, it's cost effective. All you need is a cabbage and a roll of duct tape and you're good to go. Think about it.

Here are some very hyper/non Halloween-related links:

  • matt has a heap of live mp3's from the Halifax pop explosion

  • the mix: notable notes from the 90's. Surprizingly good set of 10 - 15 year old (alt?)rock... except for the 90210 stuff. Maybe.

  • I'm being stone cold dissed on the internet! well, my swimming abilities are. Jon, for the record, I can swim... just not for long or gracefully. next time your in vancouver... we're having a race in the pool. Maybe.

  • pinder has a tumblr. expect the posts to be entertaining as hell, but updated quarterly.

  • while I promised myself that I wouldn't blog about that Sasha Frere-Jones essay which was HALF-ASSED + POINTLESS, it is interesting to note that Will Butler from The Arcade Fire has responded... in mp3 format, no less.

  • ok, one Halloween related link: there are a million Halloween-related gigs/parties this week in vancouver. vancouver_indie has all the listings


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Thursday, October 25, 2007 

season seven...

(via Adam Riff)

The 1st trailer for season 7 of 24 has leaked. Some thoughts on the clip:
  • I promised myself that I wasn't going to watch season 7 simply because season 6 was so piss poor. After seeing the preview... who am I kidding? I'll be watching it, week after week. Sigh(s). But hey it'll be in HD. Yay(s)!

  • Didn't Die Hard 4 just do that whole "network firesale" thing?

  • To show Tony's gone to the dark side he grows a goatee complete with pencil thin moustache?

  • Also, as if Tony's not going back to the good side 6 episodes in. I'm calling it now.

  • Washington, DC?

  • Kiefer Sutherland looks surpizingly lean and healthly... which is weird 'cause he's kinda on a Captain Alcohol kick these days. Isn't he?


entitlement! | economics 101


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007 

no, this blog isn't morphing into something bob lefsetz-esque...

But... as a follow up to that post about short-sighted mp3 taxes, here's an actual positive step for the Canadian Music Industry:

The jist: based on recent state-side RIAA lawsuits coupled with recent Canadian government prioritization of "copyright reform", the Canadian Music Creators Coalition have renewed their lobbying efforts, explicitly denounced legal action against Canadian downloaders, and are proposing that Canadian legislative approach to peer-to-peer, etc should accept current technological and music-business realities. The CMCC has a pretty impressive roster too... mainstream acts like BNL's & Avril Lagvine and more independent acts like the entire Broken Social Scene alumni & Wolf Parade.

This is really interesting for a few reasons:
  • this is one of the first instances where bankable artists have drawn a real line between themselves and trade groups. The usual RIAA/CRIA argument of "downloading hurts your favorite artist" starts to fall apart.

  • this is one of the first instances where bankable artists with a progressive stance on P2P, etc have actually presented themselves as an organized, polished, lobby group. You often get the random pull quote in an interview form some artist anecdotally toting the virtues of file sharing... in this case there's a lobby group, with high visibility and a coherent plan.

  • this shows that Terry McBride's progressive stance on music sales and marketing is reaching a critical mass in the Canadian industry. If these guys can focus their lobby efforts they could help shape 21st century governance of the industry too.

The only gap with all of this is that the CMCC's suggestion of a more effective P2P legislative approach is just that... a suggestion, which appears to lack specifics of how this would be done. Perhaps that's the next stage in the plan. I hope so, the Canadian could be a fantastic test market for new world music economics.


the importance of 13 year old white girls to your blog network

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Monday, October 22, 2007 

weekend recap...

We did halloween a full week and a half early... someone's got to give us 10 points for that. Right?

realted: we I got all obsessive and built a massive 8 hour music set for the pre-mature halloween party. The surprize party jam of the night... an old school Keith Murray track (as posted on Cocaine Blunts)... sorry, you're just not dancey enough Black Kids.


old school rachael yamagata

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Friday, October 19, 2007 

adventures in poorly thought out governance...

Hey... did you see this?

For those too lazy to click, the Canadian government has approved a new tax on mp3 sales... which equates to about 3 cents a track. Also, this tariff may be retroactively applied back to 1996. HUH?!

So, let's recap...
  • blank CD's are taxed about 25 a piece to offset the impact of piracy

  • mp3's are now being taxed to offset piracy

  • retail prices of mp3s go up. Or, if retailers chose to keep prices constant and eat the increase, they loose margin (keep in mind, retailer margins on mp3s are generally ~10 cents, and could be cut by 30% with this tax), and in turn are less likely spend money on marketing, innovation, or expanding their services.

  • the cost of legit mp3's moves further away from the cost of the (free) alternative

  • I'm suddenly compelled to link

Listen, anyone who's read an economics book for 3 minutes can see this is a bad move. The gap between the legit and pirated needs to shrink, not grow. Online retailing of this stuff needs time to mature and consumers need time to change their habits before it gets bogged down with red tape. If some point of the piracy equation needs to tariffed, then do so at the ISP level. Not that that's really a good idea, but at least there's direct linkage between access and illegal downloading.


small sins has a blog


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Monday, October 15, 2007 


Beh! My feed reader has been broken for the last week. I feel disconnected and, in turn, you get links which interested me whilst manually (gasp, I knows!) clicking around teh webs:


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007 

no surprises...

Some comments from Stereogum's In Rainbows megathread:

  • "I don't believe I've ever had such a touching, breathtaking experience musically as when I first listened to the album version of Nude. I just sat there, mouth agape, staring through my laptop's screen."

  • "Videotape made me feel betrayed on first listen and almost ruined the whole thing for me because all of my favorite parts have been gutted."

  • "[It's] aching and gentle and timeless"

  • "It's phenomenal and already my album of the year"

  • "The whole listening experience [is] much more communal and egalitarian"

Yikes. So many Radiohead fans sound like Dave Matthews Band fans today. So much so that it's kinda taking away from the wonderfulness of the whole "experiment".

Don't get me wrong, I'm completely for gushing over your favorite band... just maybe live with the disk for, oh I don't know, more than 24 hours before you tell me that you saw Jesus when the drums kicked in on track 2.


justice versus the justified ancients of mu mu


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Tuesday, October 2, 2007 

october mixtape is online...

Hooray! Unlike last month's, this month's mixtape is actually on time.

This month's mix might be a bit on the mellow side... but that isn't really a bad thing. Kinda fitting for the fall season's rainy days and darker nights (wow, I'm now writing like a goth. Nice work, me.). Either way, lots of good stuff on the tape like Jose Gonzalez, Pelle Carlberg, and Rogers Wireless endorsed Patrick Watson. Dig in:

As always, this is a limited time offer. Get on it.


captain america | cheetos never sleeps


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Monday, October 1, 2007 


A second M.I.A. show has been announced at the Commodore. This one takes place on Tuesday November 13th (i.e. a day before the already sold out first show).

Tickets are $30 and go on sale on Friday at 10am. You might want to get on that one quickly.


three months from now

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