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Thursday, June 29, 2006 

break beats were made to be broken...

note: I realize that some of you may have seen this before, but it's new to me.

Think you’re a real music geek, eh?! Like to dwell and debate obscure music detail, eh?! Well… if that’s the case, then you’ll be tickled friggin’ pink over the above posted video, Can I get An Amen?.

The 17 minute documentary style clip considers the impact that the drum break from the track Amen, My Brother by The Winstons (circa the 1960’s) had on music genre creation, experimentation, and eventual exploitation.

Yes, I realize there was far too much rhyming in that last paragraph .

Regardless, the clip from both a historical and an argumentative perspective is FANTASTIC (yes, all caps). I heart this kind of nerdery. Strongly recommended for those interested in 90’s hip hop, drum and bass, and their respective movement away from the fringe.

The clip’s creator, Nate Harrison offers a quicktime version of the video for viewing on his website. Since this clip came out in 2004, I’ve converted it into a 2006 friendly ipod ready format:

If there was a series featuring more content like this it could be a vodcast of besteverness proportions. Someone step up and tackle Funky Drummer already!


rent; the drinking game | hipster erotica

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Sunday, June 25, 2006 

i hope we come up with a failsafe plot...

Hey! Wil's website has a bunch of upcoming concert listings: Ottawa on Canada Day, the Kananaskis on July 23rd... and a stop in Vancouver on Thursday July 20th at The Buffalo Club. For the 4 people who haven't heard me gush about this guy before... get on these gigs. Dude is brilliant with the six string.


My 34 word review of this year's Kits Days:

The benefit of shutting down 4th Street and Broadway over the weekend does not outweigh the logistical cluster-fuckery that near-by residents have to deal with. Free souvlaki, or whatever, does not make things manageable.


Pinder points us to a live Mountain Goats' track in which the collective audience 100% takes over singing duties for John Darnielle and his busted voice. I've never been one for the Mountain Goats, but this track is rad. Every band out there should be striving to have a moment like this.


Has anyone else been playing around with that g2p site? While generally searches are hit an miss, I've found that I've repeatedly hit gold when quasi-ironically looking for tracks from the days of yore. Cases in point:
  • Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time [mp3]

  • Skee-Lo - I Wish [mp3]

Oh... that's the stuff. Not really.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006 

fun with downloads: 10 guilt-free mp3's...

Because I'm certain you're already sick of that mixtape I posted last week...

01. Gossip - Are U That Somebody?

02. Jolie Holland - Old Fashion Morphine

03. Robert Wilson - Taxi Cab

04. Josh Ritter - Girl In The War

05. Cut Chemist - Storm

06. Radiogram - Summer Song Summer

07. Panthers - Thank Me With Your Hands (MSTRKFT Remix)

08. Tegan and Sara - Walking With A Ghost (The Rentals Remix)

09. C.R. Avery - Disclosure

10. 10. Donkeys - Come On Virginia


noise and sound | funny cubicle pranks day! | G2P

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 

reviewed: Jose Gonzalez, Juana Molina w/ Psapp...

I could tell you that last night Jose Gonzalez was an uber-tallent, or I could tell you that Juana Molina was a gentle acoustic loop machine… but you know what?… fuck that! I’ve got better things to tell you… like how the opening-opening band, Psapp totally stole the show. This band really should become your new favorite band (of the moment).

Quinn didn’t like Psapp, he called them a "second rate Architecture in Helsinki". I respectfully disagree. Psapp owned it on so many levels. The drummer was phenomenal… dude had space-robot time keeping capabilities AND his drum kit didn’t have the standard snare and toms set up, rather it was a bunch of tin cans, a motorcycle fuel tank, wooden planks and a bunch of other eclectic crap. The result: a series of 1980’s Casio keyboard demo beats personified and completely organic. I’d pay good money just to hear him crank out beats all night, on the solo tip.

But the ownership/awesomeness didn’t stop there… the band spent every second on stage drawing the crowd in, both through weirdness (i.e. playing a plethora of actual kids toy instruments) and through comedic interaction (i.e. banter dedicated to cats and vulvas… but in a good way). This was all tied together with an undeniable percussive grove behind each track, equating to an experience that was genuinely, uhhh, fun. Remember kids: shows aren’t just about posing by the bar to show off your complicated hair-cuts and the bandanas around your neck… you’re supposed to sing and dance and smile and sweat. Psapp = besteverness in the house.

Oh look, here’s an mpthreeve:
  • Psapp - The Words [mp3]

Also, you can listen to Psapp perform live on Morning Becomes Eclectic here [wma].

Update: My Indie World has a pretty solid review of the show.


Jose Gonzalez is coming back to vancouver in Sept as a vocalist for Zero 7!

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Monday, June 19, 2006 

reviewed: Jolie Holland w/ Sean Hayes at St. James Hall...

If Thursday night's Futurehead show was an amp'ed up ear-ringing assault, then last night's Jolie Holland show was the exact polar opposite...

For starters the venue – St James Hall, all of 5 blocks from my house and a hop skip and a jump from the local Swiss Challet (gravy, yo!) – was a church turned community centre. Unlike the boxy shape of Richard's or the Commodore, this place was designed for music. The thick wood construction of the room, complete with sweeping vaulted ceilings allowed for every word and every note to bounce into your ears completely unmolested. That was worth the price of admission alone. Plus the place was, for lack of better words, ancient. We actually sat in pews, the ventilation was shitty, and the room was hot and intimate. The whole event had this old-schooly timeless feel, which paired perfectly with the music performed.

The show was a homecoming for Holland, and in turn, I think 80% of the audience were friends and local musicians, at times it felt like we were sitting in on a private party, but it worked out really well because random artists kept jumping on stage and performing with the band... or rather, they got on stage an performed, and the band then jumped in and improvised around them. My favourite was the guy who did "Volcano Man" with just an accordion, and Jolie on fiddle. They ended up ditching all the microphones and PAs and performed nearly accapella on the floor... such talent... it was actually a goosebumpy moment.

For me, the opener Sean Hayes almost stole the show... dude was fantastic... a rootsy singer songwriter, with a killer voice (think: a more matured/focused Devendra Banhart, but without the suck). His entire set was performed solo on an acoustic, with Jolie on backup vocals. It was the kinda performance that every aspiring dude with a guitar wishes they could pull off.

I bought his latest disk, here's a couple of mp3s:

  • Sean Hayes - 3 AM [mp3]

  • Sean Hayes - Fucked Me Right Up [mp3].

Update: Quinn was there too.


this city rocks | radiohead remixes | iCarta = wtf?!

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Friday, June 16, 2006 

reviewed: the futureheads at the commodore ballroom...

Question: are there too many good bands coming through vancouver right now? Are people quickly blowing their entire concert-going budgets, and starting to peter out? Last night, The Commodore was only 1/2 - 2/3rds full for the Futureheads gig. With that said, the smaller crowd was bonkers... which totally made up for the lack of size.

This was my 4th time seeing the Futureheads in 18 months, and hot damn, they get better each time. The biggest change in June 2006: less posturing, more rock. In the past, the band has come across as focused and polished. Now, there's a greater sense of comfort and loose swagger on stage. Hell, they've even traded in their traditional suits for a more hipster-business casual look. Either way, they're still compelling, still kicking ass, and still fun as hell to take in live. So hooray, for everything. And yes, the new album sounds great live... especially the tracks which Ross & Jaff take on lead vocal duties.

The only tiny grievance I have for the evening was the 10 or so teenagers (with bitchin' fake ID?) who turned the encore into their own personal cluster-fuck. These guys were repeatedly hopping on stage knocking shit about and then attempting to stage dive. Stage dive? At Futureheads show? Kids, it's not angsty Pearl Jam, Evenflow is not in full effect. Hell, I'm the spokesmen for the International Society for the Advancement of Getting Wasted & Freaking Out at Shows (ISAGWFO), but your antics were 100% douche. Rule of thumb: if you're knocking the band's microphones over in a way that belts them in the face, you're crossing the line.

Also of note: The French Kicks did not open as previously planned (WTF?!)... local act The Parallels ended up opening instead. These guys were a total delight, and really complimented the line up. They do a similar style of jittery, faux-harmonized, indie rock... the difference being that they have a more diverse sound through the incorporation of blues elements, and organs and stuff. I haven't been this impressed with a local band since randomly seeing In Media Res back in the fall of 2004. I'd strongly suggest checking them out. Good stuff.

Update: lots of pictures from the gig here.


download: 2006 p'fork music festival sampler | download: a camera

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 

mid-week stuff...

I don't mean to get all venn diagram-y on whatever ad agency Nick At Nite hired to for online marketing... but are they aware that women who are 18+ of age are also considered adults too? I'm curious.


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Sunday, June 11, 2006 

the june mixtape is hot to go...

holy moly, yo! this month's mixtape is jam-packed with goodness... 19 tracks in total... this might be a record. also, I should point out that this month's mix has balls... or teeth... or something... it's much louder and more uptempo than the last few mixtapes. this is, of course, is a good thing. go get:

as always, this is a limited time offer. get it while you can... tell it to your blog.


download: some futurehead, knife remixes

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Friday, June 09, 2006 

the step-mother of all link queues...

let's do this:

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

reviewed: more stuff...

It appears I'm a bit (6 months) late for the Jamie Lidell party... but fashionably late entrances at parties always play out well. Right?! No? Oh.

I picked up his Multiply disk earlier this week, and hot damn, it's magically delicious. Also, I did a scan of the blogamasphere and read up on him... turns out a million bloggers have crafted a million-billion long-winded write ups about the subtle nuances of Lidell's body of work. But you know what? I tell you what I think of him in 11 words or less:

Dude sounds like Ray Lamontange on a fistfull of E pills.

Here's a sampling:
  • Jamie Lidell - Multiply [mp3]

I should point out there is a huge variance between the songs he crafts. Some feel gentle and soulful, others feel like "everything in it's right place" covered by Daft Punk sans vocoder. Here's a live video clip of the later.

Bonus: does anyone see the similarities here?:

That really is, umm, unfortunate.


Has anyone else checked out that new Amy Millan album yet? I'm sure it's a solid disk in its own right, but I can't stop attempting to draw parallels to her work with the Stars. I keep waiting for it kick into high gear... but it never does.

This is the most un-Stars sounding track on the album:

  • Amy Millan - Blue In Yr Eye [mp3]



mash it up monday | video: jack bauer - DAMN IT!

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Sunday, June 04, 2006 


So, here's the week recapped:

Fly to edmonton, work lots, hang out with little j from leftnutt, accidentally see a bad screamo band, get up and randomly try jogging at 6 in the morning, buy a condo in vancouver, fly to calgary, work downtown realize it's way too hot wear a suit on a friday, do a martini lunch with Gong to cool off, later get sauced on a patio with the family, go to bed fully clothed, get up and work (on a saturday?!), lunch beers with Julie, roast a full pig and do keg stands with Gerry and Dave and 40 of their closest friends until about 2 AM, try to convince everyone that baseball gloves will be the fashion accessory of summer 2006 (100% rejected), collapse at the end of the night on dave's floor (fully clothed, again).

I'll post some more pictures later.


bedouin soundclash live at the cbc | deftone

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