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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 

the what...

Completists and cloud poo'ers rejoice: Tom from Noise and Sound taped that Final Fantasy show at UBC last week and is offering it up for download.

Here's some other web-based goodness:

And on that note, I'm off to the island, bitches.

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Monday, September 25, 2006 

weekend recap...

So that MySpace Comedy Show at the media club was a bit of a wash... David Cross was a no-show. To make things even dumber, we were informed of this 15 minutes into the set. Listen, if the Vancouver Comedy Festival wants to be all hip and modern and utilize the internet and myspace and blogging and all that crap, at least be diligent, do it right AND factually promote your events. If line ups change, and least have the courtesy to update your blog or use broadcast messaging or whatever. Even better, focus your efforts on promoting the lesser known (and confirmed) acts rather than whip up rumors. Just don't be a shitty shady promoter.

With that said, some of the other comedians who performed brought the uber-haha. Eugene Mirman was hilarious and really held the evening together, Whitest Kids U Know were great but their set was cut short, Marc Maron owned it... although, a lot of the material he was doing was right off his CD. Case in point:
After that nonsense we whipped over to the Railway Club to check out Andy Collins. Dude's really been building a fierce following over the last year - initially, we couldn't get in since the place was over-capacity(!). A packed house, and rambunctious crowd. Nice. I believe he's about to start a Western Canadian tour. Get on it, team Calgary.


wilco has a podcast | marmaduke project

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Friday, September 22, 2006 

barrage of bullets...

Better than Zelda... it's a bunch of hyperlinks. Woot.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006 

2 daves / 2 things...

Dave thing #1:

The Comedy Network is airing Season 3 of The Chappelle Show tonight. Yay!... I think? For the 5 people that didn't watch the sketches on YouTube or rent/buy the DVD, here's my 2 cents: Maybe it's for the best that he walked away. Maybe it's for the best that there aren't a million frat boys running around screaming "Byaaah!" 24/7/365.

With all that said, I'll be watching because even though the material is half baked (no pun) there are ha-ha moments... that and because the alternative, Gray's Anatomy, is FUCKING AWFUL.

Dave thing #2:

Hey did you totally miss the boat on buying tickets for this Friday's David Cross show East Van cultural centre?!? Me too. The thing sold out in 4.74 seconds in August. Tickets were $12, and people are now scalping them for 4x face value. Boo.

However, this Vancouver Comedy Festival MySpace blog post and Pinder (a source far more reliable than MySpace) have revealed that David Cross has been added to this Friday's early show at the Media Club. Tickets are $12, and still available. Get on it/see you there.


animated gif mashup | the house of hair

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 

reviewed: final fantasy with bob wiseman & magali meagher at ubc's norm theatre...

Hey, maybe I should win a Polaris Prize for my photography. What’s that? No?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: prior to yesterday’s show I had heard maybe two Final Fantasy tracks… and wasn’t really that keen. Why did I go? The show was in a theatre, tickets were $12, and dude plays with Arcade Fire. Thank goodness for crude heuristics, ‘cause what I saw last night was extraordinary.

Yes, there was a lot of violin and looping and tense dramatic moments… but the thing that blew me away was the very creative and very DIY ethic the show offered. Owen performed often in the dark accompanied by a cut and paste slideshow, delivered by hand on an old school overhead projector. The constantly shifting imagery was one part fairytail and one part lazer-light planetarium induced acid trip. Each element that flashed on the wall was crafted lovingly by hand, tailored for each line of every song. It was inspired, and made other rock shows look lazy.

The DIY feel resonated through out the entire show, opener Bob Wiseman also opted for the heavy visual thing. Instead of lo-fi slides he showed a series of short films he created as an accompaniment to his performance. The movies were purposefully basic, but overflowed with smart, creative, wit.

Also, did anyone else noticed a real sense of respect between the bands (and even the crowd)? We got to the show a few minutes late (8:03pm!), and as we stood at the back Owen actually pardoned himself as he passed by us to waltz down the aisle and back up Magali Meagher (who was also a talent). Plus, the crowd – best behaved / most excited group ever? – it felt like everyone in the packed room were best friends. Maybe not selling booze at gigs is the wave of the future. Ummm… Maybe.

But in all seriousness, last night was a treat. It felt like we in on something brilliant. Unless something spectacular happens between now and new years eve, this was the defining show of 2006.


also there: quinn blown speakers | hanson | youtube vids here

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Sunday, September 17, 2006 

weekend recap...

"Operation: extend the summer way past the Sept long weekend" is still going off like gangbusters.

We tagged along with Adio and went to Whistler. She had a conference to go to, so we spent our days being busy doing nothing (read: knocking back a million ceasers, hanging out in hotel robes, and running a quick 10K for funzies).

Whistler's kinda strange this time of year... there's no snow, but the summer crowds are gone. Kinda twilight zone-ish. Surprizingly, there was a random and free 2010 Olympics-related concert in the park next to the village... Chantal Kreviazuk, Spirit Of The West, and Philosopher Kings performed... it was who's who of mid-90 radio Can-Con! Actually, we trecked down from our hot tub to the show for the Philosopher Kings set. With all the neo-soul revival stuff that Gnarls/Lidell/Wilson/Baily etc are doing, the Philosopher Kings sounded pretty current. Related: I can't track down an mp3 of that track they did, Charms, anywhere. Hook a nostalgic dude up?


flickr punch | audihertz | these are jokes

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Friday, September 15, 2006 

adventures in fake dj'ing: juicy juice edition...

Hey, it's WOXY's last day on the air ever!

I'm a bit reluctant to write about this, as I'm certain that every blogger in the nanoverse will be crying on their keyboard over the whole shutdown. Yeah, it sucks that such an excellent source of music will soon cease to exist... but a business model for a single radio station which charges nearly the same monthly subscription price as a 100+ channel satellite radio package can't sustain itself. It was only a matter of time, I suppose.

With that said, there was a time during the winter of 2003/2004 where I logged a lot of hours with WOXY. Back in my night owl phase I used hangout alone in my basement while working on my laptop, listening to WOXY. Yeah, It sounds a bit bleak but it was, in fact, joyful as hell for me. It was exciting, I remember being exposed to what felt like an endless stream of new bands and new sounds (you have to remember this was before "indie rock" was as common as the ipods which everyone now listens to the stuff on). Time has since passed, and a lot of these bands are now staples on The OC. But that's ok.

For funzies, I've made a half-hour podcast which features a selection of songs I associate with my WOXY glory days. Even to this day, when I hear these tracks I get a visual of the WOXY logo in the corner of my media player. Hi, yes, I'm a dork. Here's the tracklist:

1. The Twilight Singers - Teenage Wristband
2. Death Cab For Cutie - Title And Registration
3. John Vanderslice - Me and My 424
4. The Radio Dept - 1995
5. Blonde Redhead - Doll Is Mine
6. Muse - Stockholm Syndrome
7. The Distillers - Drain the Blood
8. The Shins - Kissing The Lipless
9. Metric - Calculation Theme

*Download the mp3 here*

Or better yet, subscribe to the podcast here.

As always, vanmega podcasts feature no talking or crap banter. We're all about the rocking and rolling. Previous podcasts are here, here and here.


dear comedy central | 8.1!?!?!? | baby prison | zune revealed

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Thursday, September 14, 2006 

princess di spud cake...

Listen to this track:

Now that we've had time and distance away from Billy Corgan's big, bald ego. Can we all agree on the following 2 points:

1. This track teeters on the brink of being a flawless piece of pop music.

2. This track begs to be covered by Stars. The gentle electro bits would seamlessly mesh with the band's whole approach, plus the boy/girl co-ed bit would keep the redo fresh.

Oh come on, you gotta agree with me here.

Apparently, I've spent too much time by myself, alone with my thoughts, listening to music in my car this week.


little people | download: annie - yours to keep

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 

springsteen strudel...

My take on the latest round of apple/itunes/ipod mumbojumbo: it's awesome.

Forget the movie stuff, forget the brighter screens. The "near DVD" quality makes the offering kinda so-so (i.e. not a direct substitute for DVD/VOD, not true convergence, not compelling). I'm sure they'll get their act together in the next year, but for now... meh.

There are 2 elements from today's release which are real smart. The first is the cover browser functionality (pictured above). I was at Zulu browsing vinyl the other week, simply because the act of combing through the racks is an enjoyable experience (well... for music nerds with too much free time). I've done this and felt this way since I was brooding teen. I've noticed how this experience is lacking from mp3 consumption, it's cool the Apple noticed this too. The only problem is that, in reality, the visual browse function in iTunes is slow (art takes forever to load), and that "get album artwork" function seems to be very hit and miss.

The other smart move on Apple's part is this:

Not only is the new shuffle svelt to the max, its $79.(!) I bet you spent that much on coffee last week. Cosmetics aside, here's the brilliance: Apple has priced the product sharply to compete with the low-cost mp3 player providers, but offers the Apple brand experience. They're effectively killing the entry-level category this Christmas and driving new users/additional traffic to ITMS. Who would actually buy a no-name player when they can get the real thing for the same price?

The only crap thing... Canadians can't pre-order the new shuffles from Canadians get rejected and redirected to this:


Either way, well played Apple and way to make recent articles like this look unfocused.

Bonus niceness: this week's free download on iTunes Canada is a track from Emily Haines' new disk, it's gorgeous and far better than tracks previously leaked on teh internets.


video de jour: band of horses - the great salt lake [mov]

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

weekend recap...

I wasn't kidding about extending my summer way past the Sept long weekend.


We rocked this nugget of retro on the stereo upwards of 50 million times this weekend. I'm trying to decide if it was a case of too much sun + home-brew, or if this track has actually aged well and has finally crossed the threshold from bad cheese to smooth brilliance. The keys solo at the 2:42 mark is blissfully awesome... although, I may still be reeling from heavy rotation of the Girl Talk disk for the last few months.


video: jamie lidel live at bumbershoot

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Monday, September 11, 2006 

gorbachev goulash rambo...


Since this blog is in no way political, and because all the fear mongering, censorship, war rationalizing, rights violations, apathy, generalizations, and bad theatre that's been initiated in the name of Sept 11 is enough to make one vomit across their desk, I've opted take the road less depressing and have posted a bunch of pictures of Britney Spears from that optical sweet spot in time between the Oops!... I Did It Again and Britney albums. Because THAT'S HOW I ROLL (on occasion).


woxy's last week

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Friday, September 08, 2006 

la bamba fajita tortilla pita...

Wow, 2 consecutive posts of links and finds. I know this might seem kinda lazy (but not as a lazy as posting YouTube clips), but it's been one of those weeks... you know, one of those weeks where real life gets in the way of fake internet life. Anyways:

And on that note... I'm off to Kelowna (again) bitches.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 

href stew...

Hello, internets, let's do this:

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Monday, September 04, 2006 


Ok, fine... I can accept the fact that everyone and their coffee shop has a podcast these days. The thing is that the quality of a lot of these podcast just sucks, it's like college radio dj's... but WURST.

My ongoing quest to separate the wheat from the chaff has lead me to what I think could be my new favorite podcast (of the moment): the nonstuff podcast. Great content, and look how well they write sex up their playlists:

"The time nears 3am and piles of records clutter each surface of the room. We feel a bit dizzy and everything is swaying around. Another vinyl spins to a finish as our head slumps to the floor in exhaustion. Few music listening sessions have been this intense. There's enough material here to blog this scene for a lifetime. Choosing just a few tracks from this cave of treats would be far too difficult a task for NonStuff. Somehow, through blood, sweat and wine we're given a selection of choices which are later ripped directly from vinyl. Content, happy and shattered, we present to you The Lapin Special. A brief glance at the history of living room gigging and amazing late ninties German sounds.

A podcast chosen by someone who knows the difference between peanut oil and olive oil. Mixed by someone who knows the difference between reverb and volume."

The dudes then go on to describe each track featured on the podcast episode with full-on music nerd romanticism, read it yourself. The play list in question can be downloaded here.

I mean, after reading something that, I'm ready to listen to anything they throw my way. I'm sold, hook + link + sinker.


james blunt: still here | eulogy #3116

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Friday, September 01, 2006 

the september mixtape is hot to go...

True story: First thing Monday morning, I got on the elevator and some random lady said to me, "that was the last weekend of the summer". You know what, I’m calling bullshit on that, lady. While it may now technically be September, the summer is far from over. This weekend is a long weekend, dammit. Summer lives on. Hell, you could reasonably argue that summer, in spirit, is around until at least mid-September. Me personally, I’m stretching my summer vibe right out until Halloween.

Anyhoo... allow me to provide the soundtrack to your fleeting days of summer. This month's mixtape is a bit heavier on the rock and the melodic stuff (which is a good thing). Perfect for a long weekend, perfect for a last hurrah.


job? fuck it! | why pitchfork scares adults | "listens" per month

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